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Email Signature Generator

This self-service email signature tool will produce your branded email signature ready for use in an array of email clients.


Guidelines to ensure the best formatting and usage of your email signature:

  • Do not remove or resize the logo image generated for your signature in your email client.
  • Do not add anything to the signature file, such as inspirational quotes or additional graphics.

Please enter your information as noted and a graphic proof of your email signature will appear below.  For most email clients, you will highlight and copy the graphic representation to paste into your new signature box. An HTML version is provided if your email client requires it, but first try copying and pasting the rendered graphic. Please refer to your email client help section for directions.



  • FireFox is recommended for use in generating your email signature. Results cannot be guaranteed with other browser options.
  • Mac users will get best results using Thunderbird or Outlook. Mac Mail is not supported.


Email Signature Generator