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UC Merced co-marketing graphic

Sub-brands and Co-branding

Co-marketing guidance provides approved and flexible ways to co-market internal departments, programs and associated entities with the Big M visual identity. When using a department specific logo or identifier the approved use is always in addition to the Big M Department Name Plate being present on the materials but not ever utilized in the same lock up. To obtain your logo files, please submit your graphic design request form online at

  • Big M Department Name plate may be utilized alone.
  • Big M Department Name plate may be written utilizing approved font.
  • Departments may choose to add an approved spirit mark or identifier to any marketing item or materials as long as the Big M Department Name Plate is also present and separated from the department identifier.
  • The primary split logo should always be a first choice when choosing a logo

UC Merced co-marketing graphic

Department Mark

A department/program mark is a secondary department or program identifier. Department/program marks may be used, with marketing approval, in design elements as long as the department, program or school logo is present. For assistance or guidance on your department/program mark, please contact

UC Merced spirit mark graphic

Co-branding Guidelines

Co-branding guidelines provide best practices on how to visually share equity with external partners when determined that co-branding of logos strengthen the brand. Equal branding is given to both partners when two partners are present. When more than two partners are being co-branded the approved hierarchy is equal logos of all partners.


co-branding guidelines example