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UC Merced social media policy graphic

Social Media Policy

Social media serves a specific and distinct communications function at the University of California, Merced. Our active social media presence, aligned with the mission of increasing access to the venerable University of California system, offers key opportunities to share the innovative accomplishments made in research, teaching and public service by our students, faculty and staff. Resources on best practices and detailed social media standards are available online at

University Name

On social media channels, the approved university abbreviation of UC Merced is acceptable in all instances. We recommend that all account names start with UC Merced, followed by the unit name (e.g. UC Merced Alumni). This enables users to most easily find and tag university-related accounts on all channels. UCM is only permitted when characters are constrained, such as Twitter and Instagram (e.g. @UCM_Chancellor).

Avatars/Profile Photos/Cover Images

Use of the UC Merced seal and logo are not permitted. We recommend images that accurately reflect the nature of your school or department. High-quality approved images are available to all UC Merced users at

Account Usage

Many social media channels allow for toggling between accounts. Social media administrations should exercise extreme diligence to ensure they do not post personal content to university-affiliated accounts.